Your ad in Swedish Tech Weekly

Would you like to place a job ad or other type of ad (for example for an event) in the free Swedish Tech Weekly newsletter? Here is is how!

Rates & ad requirements

  • SEK250 (excl. VAT) per ad for a package of 4 ads, spread over 4 newsletter issues (1 in each), paid in total as SEK1000 (excl. VAT) at once.
  • SEK375 (excl. VAT) per ad for a package of 2 ads, spread over 2 newsletter issues (1 in each), paid in total as SEK750 (excl. VAT) at once.
  • SEK500 (excl. VAT) for a one-time ad.
  • An ad consists of up to 200 characters + URL or other type of contact information. The advertised job position, event or service needs to be credible & relevant to the audience of Swedish Tech Weekly.

How to proceed

  1. Email your ad text + URL (or other type of contact information) to (email communication in Swedish or English is fine, but the ad itself needs to be in English). Make sure the ad is relevant to the context and audience of Swedish Tech Weekly. If you have a specific request about when the ad(s) should appear in the newsletter, please mention that. Otherwise, it is assumed that you want a publication as soon as possible.
  2. If your ad is considered suitable for the newsletter, I'll email you a Stripe link for payment with card. I'll also inform you about the expected publishing time of your ad(s).
  3. Once you have paid, your ad purchase is confirmed and the ad(s) will be published according to what has been agreed.

If you have additional questions, please get in touch.