Einride becomes next Swedish unicorn, Instabox is close

Two high-profile startups from Sweden have seen their valuations increase significantly lately, according to Swedish media.

The valuation of Einride, the autonomous trucking startup from Gothenburg that just launched in the US, reportedly skyrocketed by a sheer 350% on the secondary market over the course of about one year, reports DI Digital (paywall, alternative article from Breakit). At SEK13B (€1.2B, $1.4B), Einride thus becomes another Swedish unicorn .

Meanwhile, Swedish startup Instabox is now reportedly valued at around SEK7B (€700M, $770M, compared to SEK3B a year ago, according to Breakit. The Stockholm-based company operates smart automated parcel lockers and last mile delivery services for end consumers. It is active in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands, and just initiated an ambitous expansion into the German market.


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Martin Weigert

Martin Weigert