Experimental feature: Startup intros

  • Request an intro to any early-stage startup mentioned in the Swedish Tech News PRO newsletters, by responding to an email and putting the text "intro:[company name]" (i.e. "intro:Spotify") into the subject line.
  • Only applicable for founder-led Swedish early-stage startups mentioned in the newsletters, and only within 48 hours of the publication date of a newsletter.
  • After you emailed your request, Swedish Tech News curator Martin Weigert will try to contact the founder/CEO of the company (typically within a few days), and ask for permission for an email intro to you. This will be a personal, customized outreach, and won't be automated in any way. Note: Your name, firm and email address will be revealed to them.
  • This is an experimental feature, offered at no additional cost during the Beta phase. As a subscriber to Swedish Tech News PRO, you are entitled to request intros to 5 companies. There are no guarantees for successful intros, and no follow-ups.
  • During this test, intros may only be requested in the capacity of a startup investor. Other types of outreach intentions are currently not supported.
  • The Beta phase may be ended at any point without further notice. If it in the future becomes an official feature for subscribers, it will be offered at an additional, yet to be determined fee.