News April 5, 2022: X Shore, GOALS, Flower, House Be and more

Here is today's curation of news from Sweden's startup and tech sector.

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Financing rounds

  • X Shore (Stockholm, maker of all-electric boats): SEK500M (€48M, $53M) from existing investors as well as new angel investors Peter Carlsson, Hélène Barnekow, Silvana Imam, and Siduri Poli (English, Swedish).
  • GOALS (Stockholm, multiplayer football game that provides for players to earn and own in-game digital assets): $15M in a seed round led by Northzone, with participation from new investors Not Boring Capital and Cassius, as well as existing investors Cherry Ventures, Moonfire Ventures, and Banana Capital (English, Swedish / DI Digital paywall).
  • Flower, formerly Krafthem (Stockholm, virtual power plant operator): SEK42M (€4.1M, $4.5M) in a funding round led by existing investor 41:an Invest (Swedish, machine translation).
  • House Be (Åre, operator of co-working spaces in northern Sweden): SEK6M (€580K, $640K) from Almi Invest and undisclosed "private investors" (Swedish, machine translation).

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News from Swedish startups, the tech sector and VCs

  • Nothing today.

Other interesting things from the startup/VC world & beyond

  • Swiss Climeworks raises $650M in largest round for carbon removal startups (English / Bloomberg paywall, alternative URL).
  • The myth of exponential hypergrowth - the common reality is "Elephant-shaped" growth (English).
  • Representation of "climate tech" Y Combinator startups by batch (via):

Other interesting things from Sweden

  • Sweden's steel industry has set out plans to achieve "fossil-free" operations by 2045, and a small Luleå pilot plant is spearheading this undertaking (English).‌‌
  • In 2021, Sweden defended its second place in the ranking of European countries with the largest number of patent applications in relation to population size, beaten only by Switzerland (Swedish, machine translation).
  • The top 10 of most common names among Swedish CEOs: Lars, Anders, Erik, Per, Johan, Peter, Karl, Mikael, Jan, Hans och Carl. Only at #12 comes the first female name: Maria (Swedish, machine translation).


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