News August 12, 2022: Tioex, Volta Trucks, Einride, Oneflow and more

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Funding news

  • Ekkono has published a press release and put a number of €3M on the strategic investment made by Finnish company Etteplan which you read about in Swedish Tech News August 9 (English).

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News from Swedish startups, the tech sector and VCs

  • Tioex, Stockholm-based platform that allows individuals to invest in private tech companies, offered those users who had bought secondary Klarna shares during the peak of valuation, to participate in Klarna's recent, massive down-round. According to Tioex founder & CEO Johan Hägglund, the offer was oversubscribed by almost 500% (English).
  • Volta Trucks, the ambitious Swedish electric truck startup, says it so far has received 6500 orders worth €1.4B ($1.4B). To execute on the plan to have up to 1000 trucks on the roads of Paris, London and other European hubs within the coming years, the company will need to raise "a couple of hundred million Euros" within the next 18 to 24 months, says Volta Trucks' founder and executive chairman Carl-Magnus Norden (Swedish, machine translation).
  • Meanwhile, Volta Trucks's Swedish industry colleague(/rival?) Einride announced that it will deliver electric trucks to plant-based meat company Beyond Meat in the US (English).

Swedish tech earnings reports

  • Oneflow (Stockholm, software platform for managing and tracking contracts): English.

Other interesting things from the startup/VC world & beyond

  • A CEO's LinkedIn post showing himself crying about layoffs at his company received mixed reactions (English). The comments on Hacker News about this news are also interesting, discussing among other things what it actually means when startup leaders express that they "take full responsibility" for a decision such as layoffs (English).
  • Should startup founders tell VCs how much they want them to invest? (English)
  • Sweden's 12-months inflation rate dropped to 8% in July, compared to 8.5% in June. On a monthly basis, the inflation rate fell by 0.2% (English, Swedish).


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