News January 25, 2022: Millnet, Orbital Systems, HomeQ, RGNT, Berzelius and more

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Mergers & acquisitions

  • Millnet (Linköping, provider of web-based systems for time, projects, staffing and recruting) is being acquired by Norwegian competitor Moment. Financials were not disclosed (Swedish, machine translation).

Financing rounds

  • Orbital Systems (Malmö, manufacturer of consumer smart water solutions): $23M from K2A, M2 Asset Management AB, Stena, Polar Growth, Vatio and existing investors (English, Swedish).
  • HomeQ (Stockholm, market place for first hand rental contracts): SEK35M (€3.5M, $3.8M) from undisclosed new and existing investors (Swedish, machine translation).

News from Swedish startups, the tech sector and VCs

  • RGNT, one of several Swedish electric motorcycle startups (others names are CAKE, Stilride and Stark Future - the latter is based in Barcelona but has Swedish roots), has now opened orders to US riders (English).
  • Sifted writes about nuclear startups potentially being a new boom market, incuding some comments from Swedish protagonists (English / Sifted paywall, alternative URL).
  • Sweden's new supercomputer Berzelius was delivered in 2021 and began operation in the summer. It's twice as powerful as its predecessor and offers researchers lots of new opportunities in AI and machine learning (English).

Other interesting things from Sweden

  • Scandinavia appears well suited to embrace EVs more than many of the other European countries, according to a new study (English).
  • The Swedish government wants to limit parking of e-scooters to special zones (English).
  • Like in the previous year, Sweden ranks #4 in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index (English).
  • Ericsson profits soar despite China trouble (English).
  • The City of Södertälje, south of Stockholm, and the company "Corvid Cleaning" will pilot a project to train crows to pick up cigarette butts (Swedish, machine translation).
  • Southern Swedes can now take a direct train from Malmö to the Austrian Alps (Swedish, machine translation).


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Martin Weigert

Martin Weigert

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