News July 2, 2024: Lumera, Mavatar, Sparsit, FLOAT, Evity, ADDEL, Leya, Thermaiscan, Hailey HR, Min Doktor, and more

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Mergers & acquisitions

  • Lumera (Stockholm, insuretech company, founded 2003) acquired ITM, a UK-based independent provider of data management and technology solutions for the life and pensions industry. The price was not disclosed. This is Lumera's largest acquisition to date. Lumera is majority owned by Monterro, while Skandia och AMF are minor shareholders (English, Swedish / Di Digital paywall).

Funding news

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  • Update on the SEK25M funding round raised by Mavatar, which I covered in the "unannounced funding" section on April 8: The funding has now been announced. Among investors are the Oldmark family, Wictor Family office, Henrik Nordling, Andreas Håkansson, Maria Rankka, and Johan Staël von Holstein. The plan is to raise another SEK60M-SEK100M in fall, co-founder and CEO Johan Juhlin tells Breakit in an interview (Swedish / Breakit paywall).

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