News July 4, 2022: Vivium, Klarna, Everdrone, Care to Translate, Spintop Ventures & more

Here is today's curation of news from Sweden's startup and tech sector.

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Funding news

  • Vivium (Stockholm, cloud-based healthcare platform for efficient and reliable staffing and scheduling): SEK9M (€840K, $870K) from angel investors such as Saeid Esmaeilzadeh, Oliver Kylington and Patrik Nemeth. The money will be used to prepare for an international expansion, among other things (Swedish, machine translation).

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News from Swedish startups, the tech sector and VCs

  • Klarna's valuation could drop to as low as $6.5B during the planned fundraising round, reports the WSJ. That would be a painful 85% down from last year's valuation (English, WSJ paywall, alternative URL, Swedish).
  • Everdrone, Gothenburg-based software and drone service developer, has established a hangar in the city of Aalborg in Denmark, to provide lifesaving drone services for cardiac arrest patients from there. It's the startup's first location outside of Sweden (English).
  • Care to Translate, Stockholm-based medical translation app for healthcare professional, secured a major deal in Norway, which eventually could bring the service to all hospitals in the country (Norwegian, machine translation).
  • Sweden's digital health care providers are burning a lot of money, and are additional facing potential cuts of the compensation which Swedish regions pay for taking care of patients (Swedish / SvD paywall, Swedish #2, machine translation).
  • Stockholm-based early-stage VC Spintop Ventures unveiled its new Spintop Fund IV, which already started to invest in the beginning of 2022. So far SEK800M (€74M, $78M) have been secured, with the target of SEK1B expected to be reached during fall (English, Swedish / Breakit paywall).
  • Oslo-headquartered VC firm Alliance Venture is looking for an analyst for its Stockholm office (English).

Other interesting things from the startup/VC world

  • Ways for early stage startups to reduce the odds of a newly signed team member ghosting before their start date (English).
  • The advantages of founding a startup with a sibling (English).
  • SAS pilots are about to go on strike after talks break down, putting the struggling airline into an even more challenging situation (English, Swedish).
  • In Sweden, a boom of renewable-powered industries has given rise to what has been dubbed a “green revolution" (English).
  • At its western coast, Sweden got its first fast charging station for electrical boats (Swedish, machine translation).


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