News March 18, 2022: InviSense, EdAider, Voi, Martin Walfisz, burn rates and more

Here is today's curation of news from Sweden's startup and tech sector.

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News from Swedish startups, the tech sector and VCs

  • Profile of Linköping-based startup InviSense, developer of a system built around super thin moisture sensors for different applications, and its persistent founder and CEO Björn Garplind (Swedish, machine translation).
  • EdAider, Stockholm-based classroom platform for adaptive data-driven education, has launched, targeting schools and teachers (Swedish, machine translation).
  • Voi faces pressure for having Russian oligarchs among its investors (Swedish, machine translation).
  • The Swedish game industry veteran Martin Walfisz plans to launch a VC firm that will invest in young gaming startups. Details will be announced within the next months (Swedish / DI Digital paywall, Swedish #2, machine translation).

Other interesting things from the startup/VC world & beyond

  • Money in the bank vs burn rate (English).

Other interesting things from Sweden

  • Sweden ranks #7 in the newest edition of the World Happiness Report. Finland defends its title as world's most happy country for the 5th time in a row (English, Swedish).
  • In 2010 and 2011, Sweden trialed a speed camera lottery which rewarded motorists who drove at or under the speed limit (English).
  • Stockholm's public transport is phasing out all ticket machines (Swedish, machine translation).
  • "The case that killed MeToo in Sweden". New York Times longread on the defamation charges against Cissi Wallin and the Swedish society's general stance on this topic (English / NYT soft paywall, alternative URL). After the essay was published, Wallin did win the most recent case (Swedish, machine translation).


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