News May 24, 2024: Doconomy, Modvion, Ljusgårda, Yabie, Braindump, Covr Security, Subscriby, Haven, Slipp, 15 new Swedish tech startups, and more

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  • Doconomy (Stockholm, creator of climate-friendly fintech solutions, founded 2018): SEK395M (€34M, $37M) from (mostly) existing investors such as Clearvision Ventures, Commerz Ventures, ABN Amro, Ålandsbanken, Mastercard, S&P Global, Six, Post Finance, UBS, and Carsten Kengeter, former CEO of Deutsche Börse. Around half of the amount was paid by by set-off of previous debt. The pre-money valuation was around SEK300M, down 80% from one year ago, after Doconomy acquired Dreams Technology and paid with equity (Swedish / Di Digital paywall). In 2021, Doconomy raised its previous round of around $19M (including a $2M extension). 📊 Financial figures until and including 2022
  • Modvion (Gothenburg, developer of modular wind turbine towers in laminated wood, founded 2015): SEK20.6M (€1.8M, $1.9M) grant from the Swedish Energy Agency (Swedish, machine translation). In early 2023, the company raised its most recent equity funding, amounting to SEK125M.
  • Ljusgårda, aka Supernormal Geens (Tibro, vertical farming startup, founded 2017): SEK1M (€86K, €93K) grant from Vinnova, for a project that aims to develop and validate the use of advanced AI/ML and sensor technology to optimize cultivation in controlled ecosystems (English). In fall 2023, the company raised its most recent equity funding round of SEK87.5M.

Unannounced funding

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