News November 7, 2022: EsterCare, Joina, I.S.A.A.C., Charly, Anolytech, Inzile, Detectify, Handboll play, Swanholm Technology and more

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Funding news

  • EsterCare (Stockholm, platform where women can book digital healthcare meetings with gynecologists, midwives and sexologists): SEK22M (€2M, $2M) from Vera Invest, angel investors Babak Etemad and Alireza Etemad, as well as existing investors (Swedish, machine translation).
  • Joina (Stockholm, community-based app for improving one's personal health and fitness): SEK2.5M (€270K) at a valuation of SEK25M from undisclosed investors. They have commited additional SEK2.5M at a valuation of SEK50M to be invested in January 2023, if Joina hits certain milestones (Swedish, machine translation).
  • I.S.A.A.C. (Stockholm, space technology startup): undisclosed amount from angel investors including Hélène Barnekow, Johan Sandstedt, Jonas Andersson and Martin Jönsson (Swedish, machine translation).
  • Charly (Stockholm, digital family equity insurance): undisclosed amount from EQT Foundation, Biovestor and 2 undisclosed angel investors in a funding round which was announced now but raised in June 2022 (exclusive).
  • Anolytech (Ystad, circular technology for producing effective disinfection based on nature's own disinfectant hypochlorous acid): undisclosed amount from Latour Future Solutions, for 31.8% of the shares (English).

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News from Swedish startups, the tech sector and VCs

  • Inzile, Västervik-based manufacturer of electric work vehicles founded in 2012, is bankrupt (English, Swedish).
  • Detectify, Stockholm-based automated external attack surface management solution which recently raised $10M, is reportedly laying off an undisclosed number of employees to reduce its burn rate, according to Breakit (Swedish, machine translation).
  • SolidSport, Stockholm-based live streaming service for sports teams, has together with the Swedish Handball Association launched Handboll play – a service for live-streamed Swedish handball games (Swedish, machine translation).
  • Stockholm-based startup Swanholm Technology, founded by former Scania employee Jonas Svanholm, has developed a connected safety vest for truck drivers, using edge AI technology from Stockholm-based scaleup Imagimob (English).
  • List of 70+ European tech "super founders", including a bunch of Swedes (English).
  • Swedish software engineer Linus Åkesson created a playable accordion from 2 Commodore 64 computers (English).
  • IKEA demands from a solo indie developer that he make changes to his unreleased survival horror game set in an IKEA-like furniture store (English).


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