Privacy Policy for Swedish Tech Weekly

This privacy policy applies to the free weekly newsletter Swedish Tech Weekly.

  1. The signup page does not use any trackers or cookies of any type.
  2. Swedish Tech Weekly uses Mailchimp for sending the newsletter and storing subscriber data. By signing up to the newsletter, a subscriber agrees that their data is processed by Mailchimp and stored on Mailchimp servers. Mailchimp's full terms and privacy policy can be found here.
  3. Mailchimp is tracking subscriber activity data such as email opens and clicks. It is making this data available to the curator of Swedish Tech Weekly, Martin Weigert, who will only use this information to improve the quality of the newsletter.
  4. No personal subscriber data is shared with any third parties.
  5. Aggregated, non-individual activity data such as newsletter open rates, click rates and total, aggregated number of clicks on a specific link may be shared with current or future sponsors of Swedish Tech Weekly. No sponsor has access to personally identifiable subscriber information.
  6. A subscription to the Swedish Tech Weekly newsletter can be canceled anytime through a link at the bottom of each newsletter. After an unsubscribe, Mailchimp does not automatically delete personal user data. If you want your personal user data to be deleted, please email to contact at