Subscription terms of service (Old version)

If you decide to purchase a paid subscription or sign up for a trial subscription to Swedish Tech News, the following terms apply:

  • Subscriptions can be cancelled any time with a few clicks online. A cancellation goes into effect once an already paid-for subscription period has ended, i.e., a cancellation of a monthly plan will go into effect once the already paid-for month has ended. Cancellations can be made here.
  • If you signed up for a free trial subscription, you can cancel anytime within the trial period to avoid a charge.
  • During a free trial, access to the shared Google Sheet with funding rounds is not included.
  • Swedish Tech News is a one-person-project run and curated by Martin Weigert. That means that any subscription offering for a "daily newsletter" or "weekly newsletter" comes with certain exceptions such as public holidays, vacation periods or sick leave.
  • Subscription prices include 6 % Swedish VAT.
  • The privacy policy outlined here applies.
  • Individual newsletter emails or the content from subscriber-only articles published on Swedish Tech News may be selectively shared with others. However, systematically re-publishing the content or significant parts of the content in its entirety through other public platforms, websites or channels is prohibited and results in the immediate cancellation of the subscription – unless part of an explicit individual agreement between Swedish Tech News and the subscriber.
  • Systematically publishing information sourced through Swedish Tech News on other commercial platforms, websites or channels without attribution of the primary source or of Swedish Tech News – if it is the primary source – is prohibited and results in the immediate cancellation of the subscription.
  • Swedish Tech News reserves the right to end any subscription at any point without giving reasons. In such a case, a subscriber will be reimbursed for any subscription fees already paid for a period following the date at which an extraordinary cancellation goes into effect.

This is an old version of the terms, which was valid until 19 July, 2023.