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Swedish Tech Weekly is a unique, free weekly newsletter with the latest from Sweden's tech and startup industry, curated by Martin Weigert, and part of Swedish Tech News. Nothing comparable exists on the market. The newsletter is typically send out every Monday around 6 AM CET (certain exceptions apply).

Swedish Tech Weekly has around 1300 subscribers (as of August 2022), among them many partners at VC firms, business angels, startup founders/executives/employees, journalists and other individuals with decision-making power and a professional interests in Sweden's tech & startup sector. Swedish Tech Weekly regularly reaches exceptionally high open rates of 55%-60%. Please see testimonials below.

You can become a sponsor of Swedish Tech Weekly, raise awareness for your product or service, and step by step, newsletter by newsletter, build brand recognition among this selected, premium, high status audience. As Adam Grant puts it: Good communication requires repetition.

Here are the details:

  • Minimum duration 3 months (13 newsletter issues).
  • Text ad with a maximum of 300 characters, a URL and a logo or visual. Here is an example.
  • The ad elements can be modified or changed throughout the campaign.
  • The ad needs to be highly relevant for the audience described above, truthful, and must not over promise.
  • Payment of agreed and invoiced amount during the first 4 weeks of the sponsoring period.
  • A maximum of 3 simultaneous sponsors are accepted, and never more than 1 from within the same sector. An exclusive sponsoring (meaning that no other sponsor is present in a newsletter issue) is available based on availability.

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