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Hi, I'm Martin Weigert, founder and curator of Swedish Tech Weekly and Swedish Tech News. Below you find information about sponsoring Swedish Tech Weekly.

Swedish Tech Weekly (“STW”) is a free weekly newsletter offering a curated overview of news from Sweden’s startup & tech sector.

Newsletter details and key numbers

  • Launched in December 2018 (here's the first newsletter issue).
  • Published Monday mornings around 6:00 CET.
  • Number of subscribers: 1900+ (June 2023), with the majority based in Sweden or with a background in Sweden.
  • Average open rate: over 60%.
  • Around 54% of subscribers are registered with a corporate mail address, 46% with a private mail address.
  • Typical subscribers are investors (VCs, full time business angels, part-time/hobby business angels), founders, startup execs & employees, software engineers, employees at tech companies, journalists, representatives and multiplicators for industry orgs and related sectors.
  • List of testimonials.
  • Here is a recent newsletter issue.

Why you should become a sponsor of Swedish Tech Weekly

  • Build awareness for your product/service among an exclusive, premium target group which is hard and usually very costly to reach. Ideally combine this sponsoring with marketing and communication activities through other channels and means.
  • Present your product/service as supporter of the Swedish startup & tech sector. Benefit from the goodwill this generates among subscribers who are able to receive the newsletter at no costs, thanks to you.
  • Benefit from the high trust that Swedish Tech Weekly has created among its subscribers over more than 200 issues. Subscribers have internalized the uncompromising focus on quality content and quality sponsors. Only one exclusive sponsoring per issue is available and only relevant, reputable companies are eligible to become sponsors.

When you should NOT become a sponsor

  • The primary purpose of becoming a sponsor of Swedish Tech Weekly is creating or maintaining awareness for your product/service/brand. A sponsor pays for the repeated exposure of their visual brand identity and message towards a high status target group. Brand marketing may generate a fast return on investment – however, often its effects may show up delayed, or even only after a campaign has been completed. Immediate effects of brand marketing are hard to measure. In consequence, if your company has a very small marketing budget and/or exclusively focuses on maximizing instant return on marketing investment, cost per action (CPA) marketing through other channels is a more suitable option.

Details of the sponsoring

  • A sponsoring of Swedish Tech Weekly includes 3 ad units:
  1. Large linked image (delivery dimensions 1200x800px) and optional text (around 300 characters) + link right at the top of the newsletter.
  2. Large linked image (delivery dimensions 1200x800px) and optional text (around 300 characters) + link below the funding news section.
  3. Large linked image (delivery dimensions 1200x800px) and optional text (around 300 characters) + link in the lower part of the newsletter.
  • Here's an example of how such an ad looks like in the newsletter.
  • The elements of the ads may be changed throughout the campaign duration. The deadline for submissions of changes via email is Thursdays 9 AM (CET) for the newsletter issue to be published the following Monday.
  • The ad content may be in English (recommended) or Swedish. The editorial language of Swedish Tech Weekly is English.
  • A sponsor will be provided with basic newsletter open and click statistics, typically one week after a newsletter issue was sent.
  • A sponsor will be mentioned prominently in the LinkedIn post that promotes each new newsletter issue and includes lots of company tags (example).
  • Bonus: During the campaign period, a sponsor also is entitled to a large, linked visual ad (delivery dimensions 1200x800px) at the top of the following two lists: 1000+ Swedish tech startups & scaleups, 200+ Swedish tech startups & scaleups founded and led by women.

Prices & conditions

  • Price per newsletter issue: SEK1950 (excl. VAT), or €195 if your company is based outside of Sweden.
  • Minimum campaign duration: 4 subsequent newsletter issues, invoiced once the first newsletter was sent.
  • If you book a campaign for more than 8 subsequent newsletter issues, a discount is available!
  • Ask for special summer pricing!

For booking or if you have a question, mail me at (in Swedish, English or German).

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